europolit Industrial cloths

Industrial cloths

Europolit specializes in manufacturing and distribution of specialized technical fabrics for industrial applications.

Glass, ceramic, silica and BIO-TEX fabrics are characterized by a very high thermal resistance, while aramid fabrics - by extreme mechanical resistance.

Glass fabrics may be impregnated with elastomers or coated with aluminum film, which eliminates dusting and increases tightness of material.

Assistant of selection of industrial cloths

The purpose of the application is to facilitate our products' selection for standard applications to distributors, constructors and end users. Selection is made on the basis of simplified criteria and it is only a guideline when selecting the proper material. Any possible errors in the functioning of the application do not constitute the basis for acceptance of the manufacturer of any legal liability for damages arising as a result of improper product use.

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    Aramid fabric type TA/F

    The fabric of TA/F type is woven of high quality aramid yarn of continuous fibres, with extremely high mechanical resistance. It is a material intended for strengthening various types of composites and structures with increased resistance to cutting, punctures and other mechanical damages. The fabric may also be used for strengthening fabric compensators, thermal insulations...

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    Aramid fabric type TA/S

    The fabric of TA/S type is woven of high quality aramid yarn, with a perfect heat insulating power and a commonly known mechanical strength of aramid. Aramid fabrics are mainly used for thermal insulation of hot elements and to transport various kinds of strongly abrasive and hot materials for production of curtains, sleeves and working uniforms.

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