PTFE packing with graphite filling interwined with KYNOL® yarn type EPK/Z

This packing uses excellent properties of PTFE yarns filled with graphite with silicone oil supplementing it with generally known mechanical strength of synthetic fibresm type KYNOL®. A special braid of type “zebra” does not deteriorate, at the same time, operation properties of PTFE and significantly reduces consumption of package, particularly when using in strongly abrasive utilities. As opposed to packings reinforced with aramid, fibre of type KYNOL® has a much lower friction coefficient and is safe for shafts and sleeves.


The structure of this packings has been prepared for users of pumps and fittings having problems with highly abrasive utilities. This packing also works perfectly in piston pumps where reciprocating motion rapidly damaged classic sealings. Chemical resistance allows to use this type of packings in water, oils, fuels, solvents, as well as medium-strong acids and alkali. It is applied in chemical, artificial fertilizers and food industry.






PTFE yarns filled with graphite
+ synthetic yarn

Maximum operation temperature in °C


Minimum use temperature in °C

- 100

Scope of pH

1 – 13

Density in g/cm3

1,5 ± 15 %

Reciprocating pumps

p=150 bar

v=3 m/s

Centrifugal pumps

p=30 bar

v=20 m/s


p=200 bar

v=2 m/s


brown - black

Dimensional range in mm

6 – 30

EPK/Z+R - with elastomer core

6-16 mm – roll at least 2 kg
17-30 mm – roll at least 5 kg


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PTFE packing with graphite filling interwined with KYNOL® yarn type EPK/Z