Graphite packing reinforced with INCONEL netting type EGZ/RR

High-parameter valve packing braided of yarn made of natural, expanded graphite strengthened with a braid of inconel netting with very high thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance. Additionally, sealing is enriched with electro-galvanic corrosion inhibitor.


EGZ/RR packing is used mostly in the power sector for sealing barrier fittings or as a closing package at very high temperatures and pressures up to 500 bar, in contact with steam, oils, acids except for strong oxidizers, as well as in:

  • chemical industry – for fittings in chemically aggressive utilities,
  • petrochemical industry – resistance to oils and hydrocarbons.





Maximum operation temperature in °C

600 (in steam up to 650)

Minimum use temperature in °C

- 240

Scope of pH

0 – 14

Type of reinforcement

braid of CrNi netting on each thread

Density in g/cm3

1,3 ± 15 %

Compressibility in %

≥ 15


p=500 bar

v=1 m/s

Dimensional range in mm

6 – 25

6-16 mm – roll at least 2 kg
17-30 mm – roll at least 5 kg


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Graphite packing reinforced with INCONEL netting type EGZ/RR