BIO-TEX sleeve type ECW-K/BIO

The sleeve of ECW-K/BIO type is produced from yarn of high quality biosoluble refractory fibres without reinforcement, which enables its use for insulation of live ducts. As opposed to ceramic fibres, this material is not subject to any hygienic restrictions in the EU Member States in accordance with the Q note of Directive 97/69 EC. The used fibres are characterized by perfect thermal stability and keep their original structure to the amount of the maximum temperature of use. Products of BIO-TEX type do not contain refractory ceramic fibres (RCF) and asbestos. BIO-TEX sleeves are an excellent material for thermal insulation of hot elements in various types of industrial systems. Sleeves with the diameters to 50 mm are produced on braiding machines, while larger diameters - on special looms for multi-layer fabrics, which gives an excellent material density even at diameters in the range of 500 mm. The main area of application is thermal insulation of pipes, heaters and ducts with maximum operating temperature stated in the table below.

Legal note: This product cannot be delivered and is not available on Italian market because of the exclusive rights of other company for BIO-TEX trademark.





Type of fibre

BIO-TEX yarn

Wall thickness in mm

2 – 3

Maximum temporary temperature in °C


Maximum operation temperature in °C


Type of reinforcement


Maximum losses after ignition in %


Maximum shrinkage as %



white - green

Dimensional range in mm

10 – 500


roll at least 50 rm


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BIO-TEX sleeve type ECW-K/BIO